• PVB film with high transmittance, sound insulation and heat insulation for glass lamination

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    PVB film with high transmittance, sound insulation and heat insulation for glass lamination is a kind of heat insulation coating made of functional nano semiconductor alloy material. The functional material itself has special optical properties, that is, the infrared shielding rate is up to 85%, the ultraviolet shielding rate is up to 90%, and the visible light transmission rate is very high. Based on the transparent and heat insulation characteristics of the material, the transparent heat insulation series coatings with environmental protection and high performance resin were prepared by special processing technology. Without reducing the transparency, the transparent heat insulation coatings can achieve energy saving and cooling in summer, and can prevent indoor far infrared emission in winter, maintain room temperature and reduce heating load.

    2、 Scope of application
    For building glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls, aircraft, cars, trains, ships and other means of transport glass windows, glass processing, etc.
    3、 Product features
    1. Heat insulation: the indoor temperature difference before and after construction in summer is 3 ~ 8 ℃, which reduces the power consumption of air conditioning and saves energy by 20 ~ 30%;
    2. Heat preservation: reduce indoor heating load in winter;
    3. Transparent: keep transparent and do not affect indoor lighting;
    4. Environmental protection: it does not contain VOC components such as benzene, ketone, aldehydes and other substances, and does not contain heavy metals and other substances, which is green, environmental protection and ecological health;
    5. Durability: excellent wear resistance, scratch resistance, weather resistance, long service life of the coating;
    6. Safety: high adhesion and good mechanical properties;
    7. Sound insulation, can absorb part of the sound wave, keep the room quiet.
    4、 Performance index:
    Glass RT based high transmittance energy saving thermal insulation coating rt701
    Sample thickness (H) 0.1 mm
    Thermal conductivity (λ) 0.02676w/m.k
    Transmittance (%) 70
    UV insulation (%) 100
    Infrared isolation (%) 90
    Tensile strength (MP) 25
    Elongation at break (%) 260
    There is no change in washing resistance of glass cleaner after 200 times of washing
    No pollution after 24 hours
    Water resistance: warm water immersion, no change in 3 months; boiling water immersion, no change in 1 hour
    Visible light transmittance 70% infrared barrier 90% UV barrier 100% can reduce the temperature 3-8 ℃ VOC value (g / L) 17.5 (environmental requirements ≤ 200) free formaldehyde content (g / L). 02 (environmental requirements ≤ 0.1) artificial aging resistance, no color difference, peeling, blistering, no obvious changes in performance, temperature tolerance (- 40 ℃ - 80 ℃) no delamination, wrinkle, blister, shielding coefficient 83%
    5、 Construction technology
    1. Construction technology:
    Base material treatment, scrubbing and drying, dedusting and covering the window frame
    2. Construction method: spray, spray and brush
    3. Applicable substrate: plexiglass, inorganic glass, tempered glass, etc;
    4. Substrate treatment:
    1) Remove the dust on the glass surface with a cloth, and then clean the surface stains thoroughly with fine wine (or glass cleaning agent and organic solvent);
    2) Wipe off the residual glass glue or silica gel in the corner with a blade and clean it.
    5. Drying conditions: room temperature (25 ℃): contact drying for 30 minutes, dry for 24 hours.
    6. Note:
    1) Mix the coating evenly before construction;
    2) Construction should be carried out under 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ and relative humidity below 85%;
    3) The recovered coatings are filtered with 500 mesh filter cloth before use;
    4) The paint shall be used up within 4 hours after dilution, and the tools shall be cleaned immediately after use.
    6、 Packaging and storage
    Package specification: 25kg / barrel;
    Storage related: sealed, stored in a ventilated, dry indoor environment, storage temperature ≥ 5 ℃; shelf life: 12 months
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