• Energy saving and heat insulation coating rt968 for Kailong high transparent glass

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    Application background:
    Glass has a very high thermal conductivity due to its material and environment, and can absorb ultraviolet and infrared light waves, resulting in indoor temperature rise and accelerated aging time of furniture items. To solve these two problems, Kailong high transparent glass energy-saving and heat insulation coating has been successfully developed and sold to the market. The energy-saving and heat-insulating coating for high transmittance glass is painted on the surface of glass to isolate the infrared light wave of the sun. With special optical properties, it can effectively block the thermal conductivity of the glass in violet and infrared bands without affecting the lighting, so as to achieve the indoor cooling effect.
    Product introduction:
    Kailong high transmittance glass energy-saving and heat insulation coating is a kind of coating prepared by using a variety of metal nano powder materials. The nano material itself has special optical properties, that is, it has a high barrier rate in the infrared and ultraviolet region, and a high transmittance in the visible region. According to the transparent and heat insulation properties of the material, the energy-saving and environment-friendly high transmittance glass energy-saving and heat-insulating coating was prepared by mixing the material with environmental friendly high-performance resin and special processing technology. Under the premise of not affecting the lighting of glass, it can achieve the effect of energy saving and cooling in summer and the effect of energy saving and heat preservation in winter. The products have the following functions: high light transmittance, no influence on the optical properties of glass; high thermal insulation, effective barrier to sunlight energy; high ultraviolet isolation rate, protection of indoor items and other functions.
    Performance index:
    Energy saving and heat insulation coating rt968 for Kailong high transparent glass
    Sample thickness (H)
    Thermal conductivity (λ)
    Transmittance (%)
    UV insulation%
    Infrared isolation (%)
    Tensile strength (MPA)
    Elongation at break
    Three hundred and sixty
    Construction method:
    Sponge painting, spray gun spraying, roller coating.
    The use of sponge roll coating method is not limited to the construction environment, glass type, easy to use, material saving, labor saving, large construction area and so on.
    Product advantages:
    1. The construction is simple and convenient (easy to learn and easy to use);
    2. The advantage of heat insulation is obvious;
    3. High UV isolation rate;
    4. Sound insulation (15-20 dB);
    5. Long service life (10-20 years);
    6. Key advantages: energy saving and environmental protection.
    Product features:
    1. Excellent heat insulation
    A protective film is formed on the surface of the glass after the glass insulation coating is formed, which is formed by many vitrified micro beads to block the heat transfer of the sun, prevent the sun from heating the glass, isolate the heat transfer, so as to effectively achieve the effect of heat insulation and cooling. The high transparent glass energy-saving insulation coating can effectively reduce the temperature by 8-12 ℃.
    2. Keep out harmful light waves
    The barrier rate of solar ultraviolet rays is above 90%, and the infrared ray penetration rate of 370nm (wavelength < 220-379nm seriously endangers health and damages furniture) is only 8%. It can prevent indoor curtains, carpets, furniture and all kinds of furnishings from aging, fading, brittle and other fatal injuries.
    3. High transparency
    The thickness of the coating is only 8-12um, and the visible light transmittance is more than 85%.
    4. Energy saving and environmental protection
    Kailong high transparent glass energy-saving heat insulation coating is a kind of environmental protection coating without toxic and harmful substances. It will not volatilize formaldehyde, formaldehyde and other harmful gases that harm human body. It can effectively reduce the start-up rate of air conditioning, fans and other refrigeration appliances while reducing the indoor temperature. It has the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction


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