• Thermal reflective nano thermal insulation coating

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     Thermal reflective nano thermal insulation coating

    Product description
    Product composition and characteristics
    The reflective heat insulation coating is made of nano hollow ceramic beads with high-efficiency thermal insulation materials. The coating has low thermal conductivity, high thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, fire retardant, insulation and pressure resistance, sound insulation and environmental protection. The thermal insulation coating can form a three-dimensional network hollow structure connected by closed micro beads on the surface of building wall. Such nano hollow ceramic micro beads and micro beads form a series of static air groups, that is, a series of thermal insulation units. The thermal conductivity of the coating is 0.04w/m.k, which can effectively prevent heat conduction. The thermal insulation grade of the coating reaches r-30.1, and the thermal reaction is good When the emissivity is above 90%, the inhibition efficiency of thermal insulation can reach about 90%, and more than 70% of the heat in the room can not be lost. The principle of building heat reflective heat insulation coating is to prevent the accumulated heat from the sun's high temperature. Then the high temperature heat emitted by the sun can reflect the sunlight and cool down the industrial equipment and human buildings and equipment, and the thermal insulation coating will be put into operation.
    Product features
    1. High thermal reflectance: the thermal reflectance of the coating is 90%, which can reflect the sunlight and prevent the heat from the sun accumulating on the surface of the object.
    2. Thermal radiation: high radiation materials are added into the coating to radiate the residual heat on the surface of the object into space, further reducing the surface temperature of the object.
    3. Low thermal conductivity: nano hollow beads with extremely low thermal conductivity are put into the heat insulation coating to isolate the heat transfer inside the object.
    4. Heat shielding: carbides and other inorganic thermal shielding materials are added to the heat insulation coating. The high electromagnetic wave emitted by these materials forms a superimposed thermal shielding layer on the coating surface to prevent heat from contacting with objects.
    Working mechanism
    The thermal insulation mechanism of the hollow beads is more than 80% of the total diameter of the glass, and the heat convection between the hollow beads is avoided. The relatively low thermal conductivity of inorganic film-forming materials as the support of the coating, together with the static air layer and inorganic film-forming materials of the insulation shielding layer. The thermal reflective material is added as auxiliary filler, so that the thermal conductivity of the coating is close to that of the vacuum thermal conductivity, which has an effective thermal insulation.
    application area
    1. Spraying on the outer layer of metal tank and tank equipment, such as oil truck, oil tank, liquefied balloon tank, chemical raw material tank, chemical pipeline equipment, refrigerated truck, etc., plays the role of heat insulation and cooling.
    2. Spray on the outer layer of concrete and other buildings, such as residential buildings, factory buildings, cold storage, modern farms, sentry boxes, etc.
    3. Spraying on the components of plastic and wood products has the function of heat insulation and cooling.
    Color: milky white
    Basic data of coatings
    Project index test / standard
    Visual inspection of cream like coating appearance
    Coating component single component
    Measured density 0.9g/cm3
    Film processing performance
    This product is a one component room temperature curing product. After mixing evenly, it can be used after aging for five minutes. The product should be sealed and stored after the barrel is opened. When the construction interval is longer, the construction tools should be cleaned to prevent the consolidation of construction tools.
    Film properties
    Project test standard performance parameters
    The state in the container is even by visual inspection, without caking, flocculation and sedimentation
    Color ﹥ visual ﹥ milky white
    Drying time: GB / t1728-1979: surface drying: 2h, dry dry: 24h
    Hardness of coating film GB / t69-2006
    Bond strength (adhesion) GB / t5210-2006 8 MPa
    Thermal conductivity: GB / t10297-2015 0.032w/m.k
    High temperature test QB / c001-2005 150 ℃
    surface treatment
    Ensure that there is no dust, oil stain, rust, embrittlement layer and other foreign matters on the brushing surface, and ensure that the brushing surface is clean, dry and pollution-free. The surface to be coated shall be polished and roughened as far as possible to ensure the surface roughness in the range of 25-40 μ M. If the metal surface is manually polished to ST3 or sandblasted to Sa2.5, the coating effect will be better.
    Construction method
    Spraying: air spraying with large diameter spout
    Brushing or scraping: cross brushing or scraping.
    Drying and curing time
    Surface dry time actual dry time
    ≤2h ≤24h
    The surface drying time and actual drying time were measured according to GB / t1728-1979.
    In practical application, drying time is related to film thickness and construction environment.
    Package specification
    25kg / barrel
    keep in storage
    According to the national regulations, the storage environment should be dry, cool, well ventilated, away from heat and fire sources. The packing container must be kept airtight. Handle with care.
    The storage temperature should be between 0 ℃ and 40 ℃, and the storage period is 24 months.
    The paint that has not been used up must be sealed with plastic bags in the barrel and sealed with the lid.
    The prepared and unused coatings can not be recycled and should be discarded according to local regulations.
    Products beyond the shelf life can be used only after passing the inspection.
    Health and safety
    Use under well ventilated condition, avoid inhaling paint mist and skin contact
    If it is accidentally splashed on the skin, wash it immediately with appropriate detergent, soap and water.
    If it gets into the eyes, rinse it with water and seek medical treatment immediately.
    matters needing attention
    When using this product, construction personnel and workers need to use appropriate personal protective facilities to ensure construction safety.
    Any process change suitable for the construction site conditions or construction period shall be approved by Hengnuo new material technical personnel.
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