• Hengnuo synthetic universal environmental protection cutting oil hqx-604

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     Hengnuo universal environmental protection cutting oil hqx-604

    Hengnuo universal environmental protection cutting oil hqx-604 is a kind of metal processing oil. It is composed of refined mineral oil, extreme pressure anti-wear additive, metal deactivator, oily agent, antirust agent and special heat dissipation additive. It has good lubrication, cooling and cleaning performance, low friction coefficient and is used for precision cutting. Compared with the common cutting oil in the market, the surface roughness of machined workpiece is reduced by 0.5 times, and the cutting effect is improved by 50-100%. It can significantly improve the cutting efficiency and prolong the tool life.
    Typical indexes of Hengnuo environmental protection cutting oil hqx-604
    Application Introduction
    It is suitable for turning, milling, gear shaping, gear planing, hobbing, broaching, drilling, etc.; it is suitable for cutting / grinding of carbon steel, some alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.
    Add the oil directly to the cutting oil tank for recycling.
    Hqx-604 is made of imported materials with better processing performance.
    Package specification: 200L iron barrel, 25L plastic barrel
    Shelf life: sealed for 12 months
    Total synthesis, versatility
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