Company Profile


YanTai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise which specialized produces and sells 2,5-Dimercapto -1,3,4-Thiadiazole and thiadiazole derivatives,mainly include rubber ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical products.With the leader of our enterprises spiritual of "Honesty, Disciplined, Ministrant and Innovative", We have kept a rapid growth in sales since 2008 and is establishing a good credit in rubber industry continually. Insisting on the independent innovation principle,we have developed almost 20 fine chemical products. Meanwhile,we are working closely with four domestic famous universitiesand scientific research institutions, developing the new and high technology with core competitiveness. Currently, we have made remarkable progress on the technological innovation and environmental protection.

Adopts micro fine and nanotechnology, manufactures super fine nanometer products and 
improves their activities.
Transforms the technical and equipment to integrate the drying and grinding process,keeps raising the level of automatization and continuity of produce.
Takes the leading at home in applying the 5000-liter large scale reaction kettlesynthetic rubber chemicals, increases per-batch productions and raises  the ratio of qualified product.
Developed independently 5 new high-tech products such as vulcanizing agent of the rubber thiadiazole derivative: DMTD(CAS NO.1072-71-5), TDDS(CAS NO.51988-14-8), BF, TH561(CAS NO:13539-13-4),ACTOR-512(CAS NO:72676-55-2),ACCEL-808 (CAS NO.68411-20-1)etc., which  filled the domestic gaps.
Perfects the three wastes treatment works, achieved the control of national standard and created a green production environment.
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